Print Exchange: US and Iceland

Stigliano’s students at Walnut Hill School for the Arts, Natick, MA, US completed an exchange and collaborative project with students from The Technical College of Reykjavik, Iceland. Professor Anna Snaedis SigmarsdottÍr exhibited the prints at the College in Iceland in April, 2015 and spoke with Radio Iceland on May 9, 2015 about the project. We exhibited the prints at the SOWA Art Walk, Boston, MA, May 3, 2015 and at WAM, Malden, MA in September, 2015. Our students sent prints and stencils and received the same from Iceland.

Student Exchange: Chicago, IL & Natick, MA

Stigliano initiated a print collaboration and exchange between her students from Walnut Hill School for the Arts and Derek Haverland’s students at The Latin School of Chicago, IL in the fall of 2014. Each student made linocut backgrounds and foregrounds. The students exchanged the prints and blocks. Each student printed and received three separate combined images.

Hurumzi Henna Art Gallery, Stonetown, Zanzibar, Tanzania, July, 2014. Workshop led by Stephanie Stigliano

Hurumzi Henna Art Gallery, Stonetown, Zanzibar, Tanzania, July, 2014. Workshop led by Stephanie Stigliano

For three days in July, the artists of Hurumzi Henna Art Gallery and I worked together in their penthouse studio which looks onto the bustling Hurumzi street in the center of town.

The lovely and talented artists of the women’s collective of Stonetown graciously allowed me to enter their private realm. Through the generosity of Speedball Art and artists from the US, I was able to deliver 50 pounds of donated supplies to the studio. We made paste paper, stencils, relief prints and Suminagashi marbling. They combined these techniques with their henna painting to produce uniquely layered and colorful pamphlet bound books and cards. Here are the artists displaying the artwork they made during the workshop. The visit was a highlight of my trip to Africa and an experience I will never forget. The artwork they produce, like the colorful clothes they wear, is an extension of their beautiful spirits.

Below, left: Showing their artwork: from left to right: Asya, Fatuma, Mwana, Mtumwa, Jamila, Saada, Rey, Najma and Khadija.

Below, right: Group with head scarf for Stephanie: back row: Jamila, Asya, Mwana, Stephanie, Khadija, Rey. Front row: Fatuma, Najma, Mtumwa , SaadaHurumziWomenwithPrints72dpiHurumziGroupPhotoLastDay72

Flora, the manager, Mtumwa, Rey, Fatuma, Mwana, Stephanie, Khadija. Front row: Najma, Asya, our translator, Jamila and Saada.

.GroupHurumzi72with Flora

Najma is wearing a blue scarf, Khadija is in pink and Fatuma is in yellow.NajmaandherArtwork72dpi KhadijaShowsHerPainting72FatumaandHerPainting72dpi